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December 13, 2019, 09:34:09 PM


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The Mature Gaming Alliance

MgA has always been dedicated to creating a mature, casual and enjoyable gaming environment. When Guild Wars introduced the ability to create alliances, we saw this as an excellent opportunity to expand our in game "family" and find other like-minded guilds.

Soon, we found ourselves in the rather enjoyable company of The Ultimate Genesis. Their guild values were much like our own and we all enjoyed playing together immensely. (Not to mention that foes died incredibly horrible deaths in our combined presence.:)

Our guilds joined together to form The Genesis Alliance, which has now become The MgA Alliance.  (Different name, same great folks.)

After a time, we came to know The Guilded Rose. The members of Rose were warm, friendly and quirky.. a perfect fit for the personalities already found in Gen and Mga. They, too, enjoy and encourage a casual and mature gaming environment and they made a splendid addition to the MgA Alliance.

With Ultimate Genesis on the lookout for more great guilds to join our already spectacular alliance, we had the opportunity to get to know and game with Knights of the New Republic.  They are a group of outstanding gamers, and fun individuals which we decided to have accompany us on our quest for building a stronger alliance. 

The Fellows of Mythgar sought to ally with mature like-minded guilds, and came across our alliance.  They are very friendly and great players, and it was a unanimous decison to accept them into our prestigious fold.  Since they were already in an alliance situation, that alliance merged into FOM and switched to Kurzick alignment just so they could become our allies! With each new addition our alliance becomes more well rounded and complete!

And finally we came across AMMD.  A very tight knit group of knowledgeable players who we all enjoy gaming with.  We had such an amazing time with them in just a few short runs, we definitely wanted this awesome guild to join the alliance.  And so it was, AMMD accepted.  Sadly, AMMD decided to part ways with the alliance.

With our growing pvp interests within the alliance, and some of the pvp folks within the current guilds thinking of parting ways, Kings Beyond the Wall was rebirthed to create a haven for all of the pvp folks who were looking for a pvp  guild, but yet didn't want to leave the comfort of the alliance and it's folks.  KING then took on the role of mentor for the casual pvp'ers within the alliance not part of KING, and created alliance pvp/gvg nights, so that others who did want to pvp, but not full-time, got to enjoy the great pvp experience.

With a recommendation from KING, came Rizen from the Ashes.  A primarily pvp guild, they further increase our alliance's pvp ties, and also help to bring together great pve outings (Deep run anyone?), when not gvg'ing.  Our alliance is almost complete, and with each new guild it grows bigger and stronger!

In July of 2008, FOM, RA and KING chose to leave our alliance to pursue other interests. We wish them luck and very happy gaming. It's been a pleasure to call you friends :) 

If you, too, are a mature and casual guild, looking for patient and friendly folks with which to play, you may want to consider checking out The MgA Alliance. Official applications for consideration in the alliance can be submitted via Also, the alliance member guilds' sites are listed below. Check them out, they are great folks!






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