Cher_Lindrea: woot! me too!
Lord_X: I remembered my user name and password.. Yea
Cher_Lindrea: It doesn\'t matter what or if you play. Come chat!
Cher_Lindrea: Hi guys! come by ts some time
funky_medema: It\\\'s my yearly check in Happy Holidays and hope all is well!!!
Zael: don\\\'t*
Zael: if anyone still has stuff they don\\\'t want on GW1 toons, let me know.
Sean: sorry Agua Dragon I meant.
Sean: I\\\'m off n on as agaua Dragon, only lvl 3 tho.
Zael: been on GW off and on all week... no one to play with
Zael: the new site is kewl but... i kinda miss this one...
cowdude: hello everyone, did ya miss me even a little?
ChasingChocobos: Happy Holidays MGAers! Missing you and wishing you and yours the best!
Lord_X: No U do not
Cher_Lindrea: I see Allen!
Lord_X: Happy Independance Day ever1
Zael: woot...after a 2 year absence.. im back on Gw!
Darin: Always!
Lord_X: Still giving jokes at your age?? WoW
Darin: IE9 was meh. FF4 isn\'t too bad.
Lord_X: Never mind, I just upgraded to IE 9.. bit of a pain
Lord_X: any1 else having problems not seeing the forums
ChasingChocobos: I MISS YOU GUYS!
Sean: Even in Taiwan the rain season is upon us. Hi All
Darin: It\'s been raining everywhere!
Lord_X: Rained all day..
Darin: Hope everyone has a good Easter!
Darin: Stay thirsty my friends.
Zael: i r gud at spelng two!
Zael: i will again soon... gotta do some comp maintenece first tho...
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